ZiBBZ for Zürich

February 08, 2018

ZiBBZ for Zürich

Following Switzerland’s National selection, ZiBBZ was made its choice for the ESC this year! We’ll see the Los Angeles based brother-sister duo, Stee and Corinne Gfeller, perform their latest single “Stones”.

“Stones” was written with a fellow songwriter and it has an energetic pop beat that melts together perfectly with Corinne’s rock n’ roll vocals. A year ago, they released “Children of the Digital”, which showcases a more melodic and upbeat facet of her voice.

These two have released two albums since they debuted in 2011. The two originated from Zürich but continued their career in the US. They returned to their roots to compete for the opportunity to perform at Eurovision. You can watch them during the first semi-final on May 8th. In the meantime, you should get familiar with a few more of their songs on their Youtube channel.

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