Will Laura Groeseneken Leave You with Goosebumps?

October 12, 2017

Will Laura Groeseneken Leave You with Goosebumps?

Photo: @lauragroes

Belgian singer SENNEK was the first performer to be announced for Eurovision 2018 and it sounds like she’ll be competing with music with feeling: “I want to bring a very nice, touching song. That’s the most important to me that people get goosebumps.”

A talented pianist and singer-songwriter, SENNEK has been active since 2014 and has so far released two songs on YouTube. Her alter ego, Laura Groeseneken works as a visual merchandiser for IKEA. It’s always cool to see normal people - who just happen to be immensely talented - on stage at Eurovision. It’s those individuals who really represent the countries they come from.

With still several months to go before all the other performers must be finalized, take some time to enjoy SENNEK’s skills:

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