Where Are They Now: Dima Bilan

December 05, 2017

Where Are They Now: Dima Bilan

Many of our favorite ESC entrants have totally normal lives complete with school or working a day job. Some winners have steered away from careers in music, opting for positions as lawyers or psychotherapists. But not Dima Bilan, who just released his ninth studio album,Egoist, which is available on Spotify.

As Russia has yet to announce their official pick for next year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Portugal, do any of you hope to see Dima return a third time? His first appearance was in 2006 with “Never Let You Go,” and that year he won second place.

In 2008, Dima earned Russia its first victory with his performance of “Believe” and returned the following year to open and while he wore all white again, he was seen wearing shoes this time around.

Dima won numerous awards for his singing and was featured in several shows outside of the ESC to showcase his talent. The star also tried his hand at acting and was featured in many Russian films. His career in show business has flourished in the many years that he’s been active and his latest album has shown just how much the artist has grown since his first appearance at the ESC.

If not Dima, then who would you like to see representing Russia next year at the ESC? What song off of Dima’s latest album is your favorite?

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