We've got our winners

May 09, 2018

We've got our winners

We've got our first set of winners, and we couldn't be prouder! These ten contenders really lit up the stage at the first Semi-Final and showed us a super fun time.

But for those of you who might have missed the show and need to be caught up on, you can find of all of last night's winners here:


Albania - Eugent Bushpepa - “Mall”

Czech Republic - Mikolas Josef - “Lie To Me”

Lithuania - Ieva Zasimauskaitė - “When We're Old”

Israel - Netta - “TOY”

Estonia - Elina Nechayeva - “La Forza”

Bulgaria - EQUINOX - “Bones”

Austria - Cesár Sampson - “Nobody But You”

Finland - Saara Aalto - “Monsters”

Ireland - Ryan O'Shaughnessy - "Together"

Cyprus - Eleni Foureira - "Fuego" 

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