Waylon for the Win?

November 14, 2017

Waylon for the Win?

You might remember Waylon, the Dutch singer who performed alongside Ilse DeLange as The Common Linnets at the ESC in 2014. The duo finished second in the Grand Final and we learned on November 9 that Waylon will return—this time, alone—to represent the Netherlands in Lisbon.

Since his debut and second place victory, Waylon left The Common Linnets to record his third solo album, which topped Dutch charts. He’s got some country twang tugging at his vocal chords, which makes him stand out from other pop-focused or classically trained entrants.

Perhaps the opportunity to sing solo will give this soulful cowboy the chance to win first place for himself this time around.

What’s your favorite of Waylon’s songs? Do you think he’ll be stronger act without DeLange?

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