Way to Go Kiddos: A Shout Out to This Year’s JESC Winners

November 27, 2017

Way to Go Kiddos: A Shout Out to This Year’s JESC Winners

Australia’s Isabella Clarke won third this year. This was the third time that Australia participated in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and while they’ve always ranked pretty high, third place is the best they’ve done thus far. Isabella, who is thirteen, started her career at nine years old. She sang “Speak Up,” which preaches the importance of including yourself in the conversation by speaking up for what you believe in.

The fifteenth edition of JESC was hosted in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia after they won first place last year. Grigol Kipshidze sang “Voice of The Heart” who you may have recognized from Georgia’s X-Factor or any of the other number of song contests that Grigol participated in. He is a greatly talented singer, so it’s no surprise that he earned second place.

Finally, the winner was Russia’s Polina Bogusevich, who stole the show with her performance of “Wings.” The music video translates both the lyrics of the song, as well as the deep and powerful meaning behind her words. According to her post-win interview, she was nervous because the talent she was surrounded by, and didn’t expect to win. But she overcame her nerves and sang powerfully with passion, which is how she earned her win at JESC.

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