(Some of) Our Favorite ESC Female Vocalists

August 10, 2017

(Some of) Our Favorite ESC Female Vocalists

Over the years we’ve seen plenty of incredible vocalists who come on stage and shock us with their strength, range and beautiful delivery. Today, we’re looking back and picking some of our favorite female singers who rocked our worlds when they first came out on stage.

Chiara Siracusa (Malta) - Angel - 2005
2005 marked Chiara Siracusa’s second time on the ESC stage and her song, “Angel” charted in Germany and was the most successful Maltese entry. She would win second place at the Grand Final.

Alenka Gotar (Slovenia) - Cvet Z Juga - 2007
Alenka’s opera background made her a unique entrant in 2007 and she did fairly well that year, placing seventh at the Grand Final. Her talent and her performance appealed to all audiences and brought on some somber elegance to the stage.

Natalia Barbu (Moldova) - Fight - 2007
The edgy violinist Natalia Barbu proved to be a multitalented force of nature. Her fight song riled up the audience but only earned her ninth place.

Ani Lorak (Ukraine) - Shady Lady - 2008
Ani Lorak resurrected 80s club hits with her fun, vibrant and sultry pop song, “Shady Lady.” She went home with fourth place.

Yohanna (Iceland) - Is it True? - 2009
“Is it True” was the ultimate breakup song and it was only made better (and more heartbreaking) by Yohanna’s singing - dreamy and serene. She would actually win the ESC in 09 and set the bar incredibly high for the following female vocalists.

Hera Bjork (Iceland) - Je Ne Sais Quoi - 2010
Hera, who is also from Iceland, definitely kept the ball rolling for Iceland. Her performance of “Je Ne Sais Quoi” earned her third place and peaked on several European charts.

Nadine Beiler (Austria) - The Secret is Love - 2011
Nadine had a huge vocal range and went home with seventh place. Her romantic ballad included several insanely long holds as well as crazy variations from high to low.

Pastora Soler (Spain) - Quedate Conmigo - 2012
While it may not have done particularly well in the ESC, Pastora’s performance came from the heart and cemented her as one of the greatest female vocalists to come stage.

Sanna Nielsen (Sweden) - Undo - 2014
Sanna had an incredible way of building momentum and erupting with a beautiful and melodic chorus. Her song was catchy, relatable and subsequently had all the makings of a hit. Sanna’s performance got her third place.

Maria Elena Kyriakou (Greece) - One Last Breath - 2015
In a truly breathtaking performance, Maria’s “One Last Breath” was delivered expertly with raw emotion and with supreme skill. The ending of the song sent us off with chills.

Dami Im (Australia) - Sound of Silence - 2016
Dami’s voice sounded perfect during her performance in 2016. She won second, but her song topped throughout Europe and in her native Australia.

Blanche (Belgium) - City Lights - 2017
Blanche was the highest ranked female vocalist this year, and she proved that to be an incredible vocalist, you don’t need to hit the highest notes or belt out a single lyric for an hour. She transported the audience to another world with her magical performance, and we can only hope that she’ll be back next year to do it again.

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