Shake it with Greece

May 03, 2018

Shake it with Greece

Greece’s ESC representation has been featured in playlists that celebrate good times and great vocalists. Some have even been celebrated for other talents and traits...

Sakis Rouvas “Shake It” (2004)


I mean, just look at those moves! Not only was he such a compelling singer and performer, but Sakis drew us in with those dance moves. Also worth mentioning is that Sakis has even more gifts: He’s an actor, athlete, artist, businessman and model. Performing must be second nature to Sakis, so it’s no wonder he placed as high as he did with third.

Helena Paparizou “My Number One” (2005)

Another multi-talented artist, Helena ended up being number one at Eurovision, winning the contest, which was a first for Greece. Helena had a long career before she performed at the ESC, and since she appeared on our stage she has continued to grow as a performer.

Anna Vissi “Everything” (2006)

We love everything about “Everything” and after twelve years, we still love Anna even if we kind of hate the gothic pirate queen get up.

Sarbel “Yassou Maria” (2007)

It seems like ‘07 was lucky for Sarbel, who earned seventh place for Greece. Like his predecessors, Sarbel had an energetic ensemble that livened up the audience and could be best remembered for the performers’ passion.

Kalomira “Secret Combination” (2008)

Kalomira clearly had the combination to unlock the hearts of voters, as Greece won third place, yet again. Her elaborate props and costume change were perfect fits for the high energy song, especially with Kalomira’s really high range.

Sakis Rouvas “This Is Our Night” (2009)

Guess who’s back…

How could you ever forget the get up, the hands and that perfect smile? Sakis released a song meant to pump you up for the best night ever, or maybe the most intense workout ever, seeing as the energy and his dance routine are both kind of reminiscent of an old workout video.

Giorgos Alkaios & Friends “OPA” (2010)

Our Greek friends continued the deep v-neck tee trend into 2010, but we’re not complaining! This follow-up pop song is a little more hardcore and a little truer to its roots with folksier instrumentals and a lyrically Greek song.

Koza Mostra and Agathon Iakovidis “Alcohol Is Free” (2013)

The big group of guys who followed a few years later kept up the good vibes with beautiful promises. Their song could have been a sports anthem, and they definitely look like fun people who would probably convince you to drink as if all the alcohol were free.

Maria Elena Kyriakou “One Last Breath” (2015)

As one of the most gifted vocalists to appear on the show, Maria was well remembered and to date, her performance has accrued millions of views.

Demy “This Is Love” (2017)

Most recently, we experienced another ballad, which again showed how capable and talented the performers from Greece are. Every year, artists like Demy give us something beautiful to appreciate, and we can’t wait for her follow up.

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