Second Set of Winners

May 11, 2018

Second Set of Winners


So, we've seen the end of the second Semi-Final and now, we're holding our breaths for the great big wave coming in literally twenty-four hours. We can't wait!

Check out all the beach bums who will be moving on to show their stuff yet again at the ESC finale.


Norway - Alexander Rybak - “That's How You Write A Song”

Serbia - Sanja Ilić & Balkanika - “Nova Deca”

Denmark - Rasmussen - “Higher Ground’

Moldova - DoReDos - “My Lucky Day”

The Netherlands - Waylon - “Outlaw In 'Em”

Australia - Jessica Mauboy - “We Got Love”

Hungary - AWS - “Viszlát Nyár”

Sweden - Benjamin Ingrosso - “Dance You Off”

Slovenia - Lea Sirk - “Hvala, ne" 

Ukraine - MELOVIN - “Under the Ladder”



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