Sad to See You Go

November 01, 2017 1 Comment

Sad to See You Go

We take a look at the countries which quit the ESC and who we know won’t be joining us in 2018.

It was just announced that FYR Macedonia won’t be participating in the 2018 edition due to an outstanding debt owed to the EBU. This is a total bummer since Jana Burčeska’s “Dance Alone” had such edgy and modern qualities that brought a fresh and fun feel to the song contest.

Bosnia and Herzegovina chose to opt out of Eurovision in 2013 and then again after their 2016 enrollment. The country’s head of delegation, Lejla A. Babović, assured fans that their participation in 2018 is “not realistic.” Their last participants were Dala & Deen with Ana Rucner and Jala, who performed “Ljubav Je.“

High costs are usually to blame for a country’s unwillingness to participate, and that was the reason why Slovakia only performed a total of nine times! They finished in last in 2012, and many fans attribute that to Max Jason Mai’s poor live performance. But if you’re into hard rock, the studio version of “Don’t close your eyes” is worth a listen.

There were rumors that Turkey would be back in 2018, but unfortunately it looks like their hiatus won’t be lifted anytime soon. “We Could Be The Same” by maNga won in 2010 and the band got our hopes up expressing interest in performing next year.

In their six times participating, an Andorra never managed to make it past the semi-finals. They remained in the EBU but cited financial reasons for their withdrawal after 2009. Susanne Georgi sang the upbeat pop song, “Get a Life.”

Monaco participated a total of 24 times, debuting in 1959, took a long hiatus between 1980 and 2003. Their return was short lived. Monaco's broadcasters had many reasons not to come back to the contest, including their dislike for the voting process.

Last seen in 1993, Luxembourg is the only one of the founding countries not to have continued participation. Rumors spiked in the last couple decades that they would return, but the five-time winners assure the EBU repeatedly that they will not be returning. Their final performers, the band Modern Times, aren’t so modern anymore. Though there is something catchy about “Donne-moi une chance,” so you should give them a chance!

As one hit wonders, Morocco only ever participated in 1980 with Samira Said, who sang “Bitaqat Hub,” which translates to “love card.” Apparently, her poor ranking was the reason for their decision to stay out of the contest thereafter.

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November 03, 2017

Turkey won in 2010? Ahem…
Sounds like I wore this bright blue underwear for nothing…

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