Russian Stars Always Shine

October 29, 2017

Russian Stars Always Shine

With over twenty years of ESC experience, Russia always sends their best and more often than not, their best make it to the Grand Final.

Dima Bilan “Never Let You Go” (2006)
Dima’s first time on stage featured the pop singer with a mullet and some boy band dance moves. But we can forgive all of that because his love song was beautiful and his singing voice was actually pretty good. And he would actually go on to redeem his poor fashion choices in a couple of years.

Serebro “Song 1” (2007)
Third place winners, the Serebro girls took to the stage looking like Wednesday Adams, which totally synced up with their edgy, rock band vibes.

Dima Bilan “Believe” (2008)
Barefoot Bilan won this year’s edition with a romantic song that actually featured an intense violinist and a figure skater spinning on stage.

Anastasia Prikhodko “Mamo” (2009)
A minute into the song, “Mamo” picked up with an emotion fueled intensity that totally validated Anastasia’s skill. The giant floating screen with crying face helped add to that show of raw emotion.

Peter Nalitch & Friends “Lost and Forgotten” (2010)
A classical instrumental style added to the appeal of “Lost and Forgotten.” The story like lyrics were all about moving forward from lost love, something most of us can relate to.

Alexey Vorobyov “Get You” (2011)
Did Alexey’s boy band vibes make you miss boy groups from the early days?

Buranovskiye Babushki “Party For Everybody” (2012)
Definitely the biggest shocker of the year, these grannies TURNED UP. They were fun, fashionable and they made us miss our grandma’s homemade goodies.

Dina Garipova “What If” (2013)
Dina had an incredible message for audiences in her song that spoke to love, acceptance and peace. She had a strong ensemble of backup singers who helped to drive the message straight to the heart.

Tolmachevy Sisters “Shine” (2014)
The twins were tied together for this edition of the ESC and their voices were perfectly harmonized and their movements were totally in sync. Was it twin telepathy that helped them to deliver such a perfect performance?

Polina Gagarina “A Million Voices” (2015)
The silver medalist of 2015, Polina’s voice, which to me sounded reminiscent of Cher, was controlled but passionate and powerful but sentimental.

Sergey Lazarev “You Are The Only One” (2016)
A chart topper across Europe, “You Are The Only One” went everywhere and got everyone excited. Sergey made our love rise for him, and he won third place!

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