Ready for Round Two!!

May 11, 2017

Ready for Round Two!!

I don’t know about you guys but I hate surprises - the anticipation and anxiety that serve as the building blocks to the ESC drive me crazy! :) I get my hopes up about all these awesome contestants and then they’re sent packing. How can I pick a favorite when I’m guaranteed heartbreak (yes, I love’em all)!?

In the next several hours the second semi-final will air (21.00 CET) and like a lot of you, I’ll be sitting in my Fan House merch on my couch, chewing my nails and squealing every time Nathan and IMRI so much as smile at the camera, or belting out YASS QUEEN whenever one of the show’s leading ladies hit those high notes. You can bet that I’ll be a #breathless #beautifulmess during the whole performance.

Like many of our performers, I’m hoping for a positive outcome, I mean, how cool would it be if everyone tied?! Yeah I know…I’m just a dreamer ;) So better pick your one fave, root for them with all your might, and don’t forget to vote!!!

Here’s some useful info as a little pre-game:

Who is participating?

Check out the participants page for the second Semi-Final. Yesterday, we already gave you a sneak peak from backstage in a classy photo gallery.

Where to watch?

You can watch the show live on TV in all participating countries or follow the stream — without commentary —on & Eurovision’s official Youtube channel.

Please be advised that due to rights technicalities, unfortunately the EBU is unable to live stream (the semi-finals) in the United States, Canada and Brazil. We are continually trying to resolve these rights issues in order to enable fans from around the world — and we know there are many — to watch the live stream.

Viewers in the United States will be able watch the Grand Final of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest live on Logo TV and on the YouTube channel of Logo TV.

Who can vote — and how?

Viewers from the 18 countries participating in the second Semi-Final, as well as from France, Germany and Ukraine, can vote. Voting has never been easier and is more fun via the official app! If you're more old school and like to keep track of your favourites on paper you can download the score card!

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