Qami Will Blow You Away

April 19, 2018

Qami Will Blow You Away

This year, Armenia will be represented by Sevak Khanagyan and his self-written song. Both Sevak’s singing and the video he released for the song are serious, and like the wind that the title of the song translates to, “Qami” builds in intensity as the song progresses. Sevak’s voice and the emotion behind it will move through you, so we hope you bring a jacket just in case the breeze blows a little too hard.

Sevak competed in Armenia’s national selection and his song was a favorite, reaching the top ranks until it eventually won. Before Eurovision, Sevak competed in both The Voice of Russia and in X-Factor Ukraine and he actually won the latter. His success earned him a role as a coach in Armenia’s Voice, but his experience as an artist had started much earlier on.

He had first started playing the keyboard when he was seven and later in life he studied music while performing for a variety of bands. Sevak only started seriously building his Youtube presence last year, and his song “Когда Мы С Тобой” or “When With You” has raked in over two million views.

The smooth jazz feels and more upbeat vibes of the song contrast the edginess of “Qami”, which uses the drama of suspense to build a more serious tone. Sevak is clearly able to convey the emotion of the song and make listeners feel the meaning behind the lyrics, even if they’re sung in a different language.

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