Perfect “Storm” Is On The Horizon

February 10, 2018

Perfect “Storm” Is On The Horizon

While we’re all hoping for sunny skies for when all our favorite singers gather in Lisbon for the 63rd edition of Eurovision, You Decide winner SuRie will be singing “Storm” this May. The ballad shows off Susanna Marie Cork’s romantic and melodic singing voice. She puts her heart and soul into her performance, which will make you love the song, SuRie, and maybe storms, too.

SuRie studied music and she is even a teacher. She also has direct ESC experience: She was a key figure in the performances of both Loïc Nottet’s 2015 show and then Blanche’s from last year. She deserves to be front and center though. Her channel is packed with examples of her immense talent.

Have you picked a favorite contestant? Would you root for SuRie? Let us know who you like best and why in the comments below!

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