Our Favorite Danish Singers

May 20, 2018

Our Favorite Danish Singers

Denmark had an early debut at Eurovision, appearing for the first time in 1957, and then competed 47 times since then. It’s got a pretty impressive repertoire, with three victories that were earned in 1963, 2000 and 2013, then a single second place victory in 2001 and finally three bronzes in its the debut year and then in 88 and 89. In fact, even this past edition featured a fabulous finalist who we were rooting for all season! But we’ve got to catch you up first, and then you can decide which Danish artist is your favorite!

Jakob Sveistrup “Talking to You” (2005)

The year after he competed at Eurovision, he quit his teaching job and became a star! He competed in several song contests afterward. He’s released six albums since then, staying true to the R&B/Pop vibes he demonstrated at his debut performance. It’s kind of crazy to think he might have still been a teacher if not for the song contest.

Simon Mathew “All Night Long” (2008)

Having come from a musical family, Simon is clearly a gifted vocalist. He made it to the Grand Final after being recognized from his self-titled debut album, and then released his second album the same year he showed up to Eurovision.

Niels Brinck “Believe Again” (2009)

Brink had those heartfelt, sensitive but funny thing going on that both Jakob and Simon had mastered before. Brinck had a thriving career as a musician in Denmark and his debut album had actually earned him a place on the charts. You might have guessed that “Believe Again” ended up placing first on Danish charts.

Chanée & N'evergreen “In a Moment Like This” (2010)

Fourth is practically is as good as third, and this dynamic duo definitely deserves some recognition. N’evergreen, whose name is actually Tomas Christiansen, and Christina Chanée were very well known before appearing on stage, with N’evergreen having singles that are still played on the radio throughout Europe. Despite the fact that they hadn’t really worked together before, these two really made it work and delivered a flawless performance, thanks to both of their performing experience and of course, raw talent.

A Friend in London “New Tomorrow” (2011)

This rock band, unfortunately, isn’t together any longer, but in their prime, they were a super talented group who were recognized from their many tours and also their appearances on reality television. They broke up in 2014, but maybe someday they’ll do a Eurovision themed reunion tour.

Emmelie de Forest “Only Teardrops” (2013)

Still one of the most chillingly beautiful songs to appear at the ESC, Emmelie’s instant hit is extremely successful and very well remembered. It is one of the most downloaded Eurovision songs and has earned Emmelie recognition as not only a singer, but a songwriter as well, and some of you might remember that she returned to Eurovision to write “Never Give Up on You” for Lucie Jones.

Anja Nissen “Where I Am” (2017)

Anja was another favorite from last year’s show. The young starlet got her start on Australia’s Got Talent and then appeared on several other talent shows. She competed in and won The Voice, and then actually worked with American rapper, will.i.am. Her impressive performance portfolio helped her to be well prepared for the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, Denmark’s national selection, and even better equipped to tackle the song contest itself.

Rasmussen “Higher Ground” (2018)

For the first time in ten years, Denmark had a contestant that didn’t exclusively sing in English: Rasmussen actually performed in both English and Icelandic, and his song “Higher Ground” was as unique as it was unexpected. He works as a teacher for the performing arts and has worked in a few different bands, musicals and performed live enough times to have conquered the Eurovision stage with the tact, experience and ferocity of a true Viking.

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