Mystery Man: Cesár Sampson

December 07, 2017

Mystery Man: Cesár Sampson

Not much of his work is available online, but that doesn’t mean that Cesár Sampson lacks the experience needed to succeed in the ESC. In fact, representing Austria in 2018 will mark his third time at Eurovision, although it will be the first occasion where he’ll be singing lead rather than backup vocals.

Cesár is a member of Symphonix International, which is a group of producers, singers and songwriters based in Vienna who were instrumental in Bulgaria’s highest rankings in history. While his group wrote the songs, Cesár actually sang backup for Kristian last year, where they won second place. In 2016, Cesár was on stage with Poli Genova and earned Bulgaria fourth place, which at the time was Bulgaria’s best score. Perhaps Cesár was Bulgaria’s lucky charm, but now it’s Austria’s turn to use Cesár’s talent.

The bulk of Cesár’s work can be seen on his Facebook page, which features several of his live performances and some of his studio work. For a teaser of his abilities as a singer, check out this video, which promotes the work Cesár has done with the group, Electric Church:

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