Most Cringe Worthy ESC Performances in the Last 10 Years

September 04, 2017

Most Cringe Worthy ESC Performances in the Last 10 Years

Verka Serduchka - “Dancing Lasha Tumbai” (Ukraine) 2007
This song was the “GANGNAM STYLE” of 2007. I hated how much I loved it.

Dustin the Turkey - “Irelande Douze Pointe” (Ireland) 2008
This performance just raised too many questions that probably won’t ever be answered, like do turkey’s really dig disco? - “Aven Romale” (Czech Republic) 2009
He showed up to the ESC in his super hero jammies. Enough said.

Josh Dubovie - “That Sounds Good to Me” (United Kingdom) 2010
You hear this song and you think 80s: Bad hair, synthesizers, and Go-Go Boots. The 80s should have stayed in the 80s, Josh.

Eric Saade - “Popular” (Sweden) - 2011
I think this song had a very detrimental influence on Eric’s popularity.

Valentina Monetta - “The Social Network Song” (San Marino) 2012
This is the song that probably made all parents fearful of their children’s Internet activity.

The Shin and Mariko - “Three Minutes to Earth” (Georgia) 2014
I was digging the hippie vibes. But, man, those hairflips and the bizarre costume design and dancing was just too much.

Daniel Kajmakoski - “Autumn Leaves” (F.Y.R. Macedonia) 2015
What happened here? Like, was no one else just gritting their teeth and waiting for this strange performance to end?

Lidia Isac - “Falling Stars” (Moldova) 2016
From the rigid, rhythmless two step to the brow raisingly pitchy vocals, it’s no wonder this song didn’t make it past the Semi-Finals.

Manel Navarro - “Do It For Your Lover” (Spain) 2017
We all really, really wanted the cutie from Spain to do well and steal our hearts. Unfortunately, he didn’t and bottomed out. That’s okay, Manel! We still love you.

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