Manel Navarro Going Strong

July 26, 2017

Manel Navarro Going Strong

Music with a message seemed to be the underlying theme of 2017’s edition of Eurovision: Salvador Sobral, the undisputed winner signed off with his speech about music with feeling, and Manel Navarro, whose entire Eurovision campaign seemed to suffer scrutiny, just released a video for his song “Keep On Falling” that draws attention to the victims of bullying.

The song and video show us an entirely different side of the Spanish singer, who’d strummed his guitar on stage with a smile and tropical shirt. Here, we see him curled over in a dimly lit room and his vocal range and the raw emotion we felt through his lyrics show how much he’s matured. Navarro had definitely stepped out of the fast-food music league and moved onto the gourmet stage.

His journey to Eurovision was met with a few bumps in the road. He hadn’t been the public’s first pick for performers and the announcement to make him Spain’s representative was met with audible dispute. Then, he didn’t fare too well at the actual contest, finishing last.

But, the young singer held his head high and refused to let a loss on stage and a barrage of hostility prevent him from following his dreams and releasing more music.

You go boy!

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