Magnifica Italia

October 23, 2017

Magnifica Italia

Francesca Michielin “No Degree of Separation” (2016)

After a fourteen year hiatus, Italy returned to Eurovision in 2011. Interestingly, every song performed since then has been predominantly in Italian! So, even if I may not always understand the lyrics (Italian isn’t my forte...), I can certainly acknowledge the incredible talent that came from this magical place of pizza and pasta.

Raphael Gualazzi “Madness Of Love” (2011)
This love song was played, performed and written by Raphael Gualazzi. It set the bar high for all future performances that would come out of Italy. He also made us realize how much we missed their participation in the ESC. The song was romantic and serene, when suddenly the brass band came on and brought on some bluesy vibes.

Nina Zilli “L'Amore È Femmina (Out Of Love)” (2012)
Nina sang in both Italian and English and she made most remember Amy Winehouse in the smoky way she sang. The song is rockin’ and showcases a range from sultry to sublime.

Marco Mengoni “L'Essenziale” (2013)
That note at 2:30? AH-Mazing. Marco’s song topped the charts just after a few days after its release. He sings about taking all your sorrows away, but his voice did just the trick.

Emma “La Mia Città” (2014)
A rock goddess for sure, Emma stormed the stage in her gold wreath and gown. She and the band were angelesque and edgy, and they pumped up the crowd with their energetic performance.

Il Volo “Grande Amore” (2015)
Ever heard of operatic pop? Me neither. But Il Volo mastered the genre and turned us all into fans after their ESC debut in 2015. Together, the group released several albums, so if you want to get immersed in the genre, then take a peak at Il Volo’s discography.

Francesca Michielin “No Degree of Separation” (2016)
A song about the degrees of separation, Francesca’s self-written song became her way of expressing her beliefs and values.

Francesco Gabbani - “Occidentali's Karma” (2017)
With over 12 million views, “Occidentali’s Karma” turned out to be a fan favorite and a huge hit, charting all over Europe and in Australia.

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