Loving Lithuania

April 26, 2018

Loving Lithuania

Lithuania seems to be obsessed with love, and we’re obsessed with Lithuania. It's had a handful of really talented artists who’ve made it to the Grand Finals, and even the top ten, but still no winner. Seeing as the entrants seem to be getting better and better, maybe 2018 will be Lithuania’s year! In the meantime, get caught up on our favorites from the last few years. LT United

“We Are The Winners” (2006)

They might have gotten a little ahead of themselves with this one, but LT United ended up placing in the top ten. The metal band Lordi (and rock music as a whole) ended up being the real winners, and in celebration of their victory, Lordi showed their Lithuanian friends some respect and sang, “We Are The Winners”.

4Fun “Love Or Leave” (2007)

4Fun actually tried 3 times to compete in Eurovision, but it was lucky number 4 that earned this band a spot on stage. Their song was well loved by fans and made it to the finals. Decked out in leather and instruments to match, 4Fun showed us all a good time and we got to take them home with us in our hearts.

Sasha Son “Love” (2009)

Cue fedora and grand piano, Sasha Son will make you swoon. This young and incredibly talented performer was the epitome of elegance at Eurovision.

Evelina Sašenko “C'est Ma Vie” (2011)

This ballad was sung by immensely talented vocalist, Evelina who along with a background in jazz also studied the performing arts. Her mastery of the stage is obvious on the screen.

Donny Montell “Love Is Blind” (2012)

Classiness seems to be this country’s strong suit, and with his fabulous tux and sparkling blindfold…Hah, get it? “Love is Blind”... and he’s wearing a blindfold. Well, aside from being “punny” Donny is a phenomenal singer who carried the torch and got Lithuania to the finals.

Andrius Pojavis “Something” (2013)

After spending a lot of time band hopping, Andrius eventually started up a very successful solo career and something really amazing came along: The opportunity to sing at the ESC. He brought back the leather look we loved on 4Fun, and he then took us all for another ride to the Grand Final.

Donny Montell “I’ve been waiting for this night” (2016)

Donny is back and better than ever. With a whole new look, much more casual then we’re used to, Donny played us the best pump-up song that will brighten your mood for a night on the town. His song ended up in the top ten and earned over 3 million views on Youtube.

Fusedmarc “Rain of Revolution” (2017)

We’ll never forget this firecracker: Viktoria Ivanoskaja, the lead singer of big band group Fusedmarc, looked brilliant in red while her counterpart, the stoic and steely Denis supported her explosive voice as a great guitarist.

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