Israel Makes Us Feel Alive

April 28, 2018

Israel Makes Us Feel Alive

With consistently talented artists, whose music has had enough feeling to make Israel a fan favorite every year, have definitely continued that trend into 2018 with Netta and her song “Toy”. But before we move forward, let’s look back on some of their most emotional and/or energetic performances...

Shiri Maymon “Hasheket Shenish'ar” (2005)

Many singers save their big guns for later in the song, but Shiri gave us a taste of her range and precision moments into her song. The song finished with fourth place, likely because of Shiri’s skill, and also because of how seamlessly she switched from Hebrew to English and how refined her overall performance was.

Eddie Butler “Ze Hazman” (2006)

Like his predecessor, Eddie won fourth, also sang by effortlessly combining both Hebrew and English and he incorporated a strong team of female vocalists to help deliver the bigger parts of the song. But Eddie had a whole different kind of energy, and his attitude and free movement across the stage made everyone feel the music and move along to it.

Boaz “The Fire In Your Eyes” (2008)

Boaz kept the trend going, but opted for a male entourage and then balanced Eddie’s energy with Shiri’s seriousness. He was confident and there was certainly a fire in his eyes, which may just put a skip in your hearts. He was in the top ten, but will continue to be one of our favorite artists.

Noa & Mira Awad “There Must Be Another Way” (2009)

Gothic, romantic and harmonic… Noa and Mira aren’t sisters, but they were so in sync during their performance that you may have wondered otherwise. They mirrored each other with a drum solo and mirrored choreography, and the live music that accompanied their powerful and rugged voices gave their show even more appeal.

Harel Skaat “Milim” (2010)

Harel, who switched things up by singing exclusively in Hebrew, was perhaps one of the most talented male singers we’ve ever seen on the show. He had such a nostalgic voice that, paired with the grand piano, was hypnotic.

Dana International “Ding Dong” (2011)

Her second time around may not have gone as favorably as her first place victory in 1998, but no one can deny that after two decades of singing, Dana’s still got it. She turned up the heat and made us all want to dance the night away!

Nadav Guedj “Golden Boy” (2015)

Nadav’s voice had a Midas Touch that turned to gold his song. He also had the sneakers to match, and his boy band-esque performance that suddenly took a very authentic and exotic musical style worked to make this song stand out from all the others. You can hear the audience’s metronomic claps as they keep time with Nadav, and they are only interrupted by their own cheering.

Hovi Star “Made of Stars” (2016)

Very unexpectedly, Hovi Star was the only Israeli contestant who did not include any Hebrew in his performance. However, not only made it to the Grand Final, but he also delivered a beautiful song that had a truly heartwarming message. It was most definitely music with feeling.

IMRI “I Feel Alive” (2017)

And who could forget this ESC vet, who stepped out into the spotlight and then shone it on all of us as his energy and bright performance made it feel like summer had already started. IMRI gave us a hit we could play on our way to the beach and all parties thereafter while reminding us to enjoy the moment.

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