Is it the luck of the Irish?

May 07, 2018

Is it the luck of the Irish?

Ireland’s an incredibly impressive country considering it earned first place at the ESC the most amount of times. But, its last win was in 1996, and since then, its bottomed out twice and failed to qualify for the finals in most recent years. However, many of us have favorites contestants who weren’t as loved by everybody else, and that doesn’t mean they aren’t any less talented. So, let’s look back at the last decade or so, and remember the singers who made us feel lucky to be able to see them at Eurovision.

Chris Doran “If My World Stopped Turning” (2004)

Ireland’s You’re a Star winner ended up holding a top position on charts in Ireland for weeks for this ballad, which celebrates love, gratitude and humility. Chris may not have secured Ireland’s seventh win, but his charming voice, sparkling eyes and purple pocket square won us over.

Brian Kennedy “Every Song Is A Cry For Love” (2006)

Truer words have never been spoken (or sung). This ballad was warm, sweet and gentle and Brian, who previously performed with Van Morrison and has been writing and releasing music for decades, performed a beautifully nostalgic song. While it was sleepy, Brian’s delivery did pick up near the end, and the song definitely didn’t get the recognition it deserved.

Niamh Kavanagh “It’s For You” (2010)

She brought Ireland back into the Grand Finals after a few years off, and her performance was very sincere, but dramatic. Niamh controlled the energy in the room, and she built up the anticipation for her delivery of the high note with expert precision. Her whole song was carefully done and then earned a standing ovation, which should be expected considering Niamh actually won the ESC in 1993.

Jedward “Lipstick” (2011)

John and Edward Grimes first earned some recognition on the X Factor in 2009. They are identical twins, and both have immense talent, so they found success and started releasing music. While their aesthetic was quirky to say the least, they raked in points and were so well-liked they were brought right back for another year.

Jedward “Waterline” (2012)

First fire, then water? Looked like Jedward was working with a theme. That being said, their performance did carry on over that high energy and really quick beat.

Brendan Murray “Dying To Try” (2017)

What is, for sure, one of the most beautiful music videos, performances and songs, it was kind of sad to see that Brendan didn’t make it to the Grand Final.

Right before he appeared on Eurovision with a fresh new haircut, Brendan was one of six in the boy band, though he would eventually break off to pursue individual projects, but for those of you who are in need of a quick ESC cleanse before you drown yourself in the beautiful mayhem to come, enjoy the positive, campfire vibes of Brendan Murray in HomeTown:

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