Ireland's Entry: Ryan O'Shaughnessy

February 12, 2018

Ireland's Entry: Ryan O'Shaughnessy

Ireland is currently the country in the lead with a total of seven victories in their entire Eurovision Career. This means that Ryan O'Shaughnessy has some big shoes to fill. However, we’re sure he’s up to the challenge.

Ryan got his start in show business acting on a soap opera. He then appeared on The Voice of Ireland, then on Britain’s Got Talent and on The Hit. On these stages, Ryan has been praised for his ability to sing beautifully, and also to write beautiful songs. You can appreciate both these talents in his debut single, “No Name”, which is the song he actually sang in his audition for Britain’s Got Talent.

Although we already know that Ryan will perform a song called “Together” in Lisbon, we’re still waiting on its release. As for Ryan, he was part of the team that penned the ballad, which was specially written for Eurovision. In the RTÉ’s announcement regarding their selection for a 2018 entrant, Ryan was quoted saying that thanks to Salvador Sobral’s win last year, Eurovision will “revert back to being a song contest where true songs can flourish.” So, we know this means that “Together” must be a beautifully melodic tune to rival Salvador’s. Perhaps his performance will be reminiscent of his live performance of “She Talks To Angels”, and if it is, then he’ll likely make all of his predecessors proud.

So far we’ve seen a mix of different genres and styles that will likely make us experience a range of emotion when it finally comes time to watch the song contest. Who are you most excited to see on stage?

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