“Glorious” Germany

December 02, 2017

“Glorious” Germany

Because Germany is one of the “Big Five”, it is guaranteed entry to the finals. But that doesn’t mean that the German stars who take the stage didn’t earn their place. With sixty-one entries in sixty-two years, Germany has always sent some real talent to the ESC, so here’s a countdown of our most recent favorites:

Max “Can't Wait Until Tonight” (2004)
Max sets the bar high for all midnight rendezvouses. This romantic ballad is meant to translate the anticipation for that date you just can’t wait for.

Texas Lightning “No No Never” (2006)
Are you in the mood for country music with an international twist? Look no further than Texas Lightning, the quintet from Hamburg who draw their inspiration from some of the greatest American country bands.

Roger Cicero “Frauen regier'n die Welt” (2007)
Roger ruled the world with this swinging swinging, brass band ballad that makes you wish you were born during the era of Jazz. We’ll miss this fantastic singer who honored the genre with his powerful voice.

No Angels “Disappear” (2008)
They may not be angels, but they sure are angelic, especially when the four-woman pop group sings.

Alex Swings Oscar Sings! “Miss Kiss Kiss Bang” (2009)
Those pant shine brighter than the sun and they sure do burn, burn, burn! But aside from questionable fashion choices, Alex and Oscar (and celebrity guest Dita von Teese) sure teased us with their fun, upbeat and entertaining performance.

Lena “Satellite” (2010)
This 2010 winner was Germany’s second - its first being in 1982. Lena’s pop song details the difficulties of unconditional love: Painting toenails and buying new underwear. The struggle is real.

Lena “Taken by a Stranger” (2011)
A lot can happen in a year, and Lena’s 2011 performance just goes to show how much a singer can grow. “Taken by a Stranger” seemed to focus much more on Lena’s vocals and took a much more serious and sensual tone than her happy-go-lucky performance from the year before.

Roman Lob “Standing Still” (2012)
His hipster vibes and smokey voice will make you fall in love with Roman Lob. Let’s be real; we’d never leave you!

Cascada “Glorious” (2013)
With several hit songs under her belt, it was no wonder that the crowd was so receptive to Cascada’s electropop song and hyping performance.

Elaiza “Is It Right” (2014)
The self-written song by the indie-alternative band paired folksy instrumentals with Elżbieta’s rockstar vocals. The song had a kind of old school, carnival vibe that Elżbieta’s low and expressive singing totally modernized.

Levina “Perfect Life” (2017)
Levina’s realistic pop song reminded us that we’re all kind of sinners, but sometimes we’re saints. Her performance this past year was just as motivational as it was relatable.

Who was your favorite German entry? Who do you expect to perform next year?

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