From Georgia to Belarus: 2018 JESC to Be Held in Minsk

October 17, 2017

From Georgia to Belarus: 2018 JESC to Be Held in Minsk

As we all know, the 2017 Junior Eurovision Song Contest (JESC) will be held in Tbilisi next month. But now we also know where the 2018 edition will be held… Minsk, Belarus!

ESC executive Jon Ola Sand explained the reason for the anticipative press release: A rule change that allows for early decision making. “The rule change to allow a host for next year’s competition to be chosen earlier not only gives the host broadcaster longer to prepare what is a huge production but also protects the future of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest,” Jon said.

Nice to know the EBU is being so proactive. Not only will everything be prepared for November’s showing of the 15th edition of the show in Georgia, but the Belarusian national broadcaster were deemed the best option for number 16, which is likely because Minsk is a JESC veteran. Belarus has a longstanding relationship with JESC, having participated in every single edition since the contest’s inception in 2003. Either way, they presented an impressive application and we’ve got two things to look forward to.

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