Flashback Friday!

September 15, 2017

Flashback Friday!

Today we are looking back at the 10 Portuguese entries leading up to Salvador Sobral’s win earlier this year.

2B "Amar" (2005)
I’ll admit, 2B’s performance made me cringe. But, this symbolized that Portugal could only go upwards from there.

Nonstop "Coisas de nada (Gonna Make You Dance)" (2006)
Continuing with the pop group trend, Nonstop channeled their own inner Spice Girls and even ended off their performance with a finishing move.

Sabrina "Dança comigo" (2007)
Sabrina’s singing and sensuality made you actually want to dance. Her backup dancers were lively and provocative and made us want to sign up for Tango lessons.

Vânia Fernandes "Senhora do mar (Negras águas)” (2008)
Vania impressed fans with her romantic ballad, earning second in the Semi-Final. She told a story with her beautiful singing and set the bar incredibly high for future fellow countrymen.

Flor-de-Lis "Todas as ruas do amor” (2009)
This song had festive, nostalgic vibes and lead singer Daniela Varela’s voice paired well with the fun, folky tunes.

Filipa Azevedo "Há dias assim" (2010)
At 19 Filipa was one of the most talented Portuguese entrants and remains a fan favorite.

Filipa Sousa "Vida minha" (2012)
Filipa’s backup singers were as talented as she was during their performance. It was an elegant and dreamy show that in my opinion should have ranked higher than it did!

Suzy "Quero ser tua" (2014)
The crowd seemed to love Suzy and though the song seemed repetitive, it was enough to rile up the fans and lead to some drama when it didn’t make it to the Grand Final.

Leonor Andrade "Há um mar que nos separa" (2015)
An intense performance that balanced serene vocals with edgy undertones, Leonor had her fans screaming and clapping to keep pace with her singing.

Salvador Sobral "Amar pelos dois" (2017)
Though many came close, Salvador was the first entrant to bring Eurovision back home to Portugal. He was a quirky, no nonsense vocalist whose sole focus was on the song, music and the lyrics.

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