First Place For Finland?

May 05, 2018

First Place For Finland?

Finland’s music has been called flashy, their love songs have been called the best and their singers certainly light up the stage. But they’ve consistently been the underdog! We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Saara Aalto will return Finland to its winning streak.

Lordi “Hard Rock Hallelujah” (2006)

There may have been some ups and downs in Finland’s fifty-one years of competing in Eurovision, but 2006 was the first year they won first place, and you can definitely call it an unexpected win. The underdog this year was the very flashy heavy metal band, Lordi. They called their success a victory for rock music, which is kind of reminiscent of Salvador Sobral’s parting words after his win last year. Lordi’s video for the ESC has gotten over 25 million views and remains one of the most recognizable and popular songs to come out of the contest.

Hanna Pakarinen “Leave Me Alone” (2007)

Rock may seem like a man’s world but Hanna can give all the boys a run for their money. She crushes a deeply melodic but also very eerie and powerful song and also puts on a performance with ambiance to match. Her song was hugely successful in Sweden and helped to further along Hanna’s career as a singer.

Teräsbetoni “Missä Miehet Ratsastaa” (2008)

Why don’t you try saying this one five times fast? The title translates to “Where the men ride” and was written and composed by the band’s lead singer, Jarkko Ahola. They did well in the semi-finals and moved on to the Grand Final to perform their epic rock ballad a second time, proving that Finnish rock stars are the ones to watch.

Paradise Oskar “Da Da Dam” (2011)

This English ballad tells the story of a boy whose warnings to save the world were ignored, but despite the adversity he faced, he continued to fight for his home. The song was also written and composed by Axel Ehnström, whose stage name is, da da dum, Paradise Oskar. The song was a hit and brought Finland back into the finals after a few years away.

Krista Siegfrids “Marry Me” (2013)

If Krista wasn’t already known for being a singer and a television presenter, then she was definitely a household name after her legendary performance at Eurovision.

Yet another ally in the fight for equality, Krista is a talented artist who used her platform to reach the world with a positive and inclusive message.

Softengine “Something Better” (2014)

And of course, there’s this adorable boy band that shatters mainstream pop and returns those Finnish rock roots that fans have come to love so much.

Norma John “Blackbird” (2017)

This past year, Norma John’s beautiful tune was celebrated for its uniqueness and the duo’s delivery of the song, with vocalist Leena Tirronen delivering every note with masterful precision.

This year, Saara Aalto’s going to be coming to stage with a similar approach to the melodic pop vibes that Norma John had going on, but do you think this new track will bring Finland back to being in first place?

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