Don’t Lie: You Know You Love Mikolas Josef

March 15, 2018

Don’t Lie: You Know You Love Mikolas Josef

The Czech Republic had their contender and song ready really early on in the game. Mikolas Josef is the singer-songwriter extraordinaire who won the Czech Republic’s national selection with the self-written song, “Lie to Me”. Mikolas mainly focuses on pop and hip hop in his music, and this song that he’ll be singing in May is a fun fusion of those two genres and will likely be on your Summer playlist long after this year’s edition of the ESC is over.

Mikolas was once a model but when he decided to pursue music as a career, he did so in full force. Working as a street performer and a guitarist, it took him only a year to garner attention and release his first single, “Hands Bloody”. This song is much heavier and more focused on hip hop than “Lie to Me” is.

His 2016 release of “Free” ended up being at the top of Czech charts and exemplified Josef’s range in musical ability with a mainly acoustic base and a melodic rap layered over that.

Mikolas was born to a musical family and played the guitar from five years old. He went on to pursue a career in modelling that he found less fulfilling. He turned to the streets, visiting major cities across Europe to showcase his singing and instrumental talent, which as we all can see, paid off tremendously.

Now, the real question is if he’ll bring his camel to the show with him...

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