Cyprus Pulls You in Like “Gravity”

May 17, 2018

Cyprus Pulls You in Like “Gravity”

We’ll get to Eleni’s phenomenal performance in a moment, but before getting into Cyprus’s most successful entry, we’ve got to list of our favorite Cypriot singers that paved the way…


Lisa Andreas “Stronger Every Minute” (2004)

Lisa was magnificent. Her voice was really the highlight here, as the instruments are kept quiet enough to give you the illusion of an acapella performance. Of course, the crowd’s fanatical cheers played in the background nearly the whole time.

Constantinos Christoforou “Ela Ela” (2005)

While yodeling is so underrated, Constantinos’s song and the show was the first time it was ever kind of sexy. In a perfect fusion of pop and folk, we get this lively display that was likely inspired by Constantinos’s past experience as a member of a boy band. In fact, this artist was releasing albums for nearly ten years before he appeared on Eurovision.

Jon Lilygreen & The Islanders “Life Looks Better In Spring” (2010)

We went a few years without making it to the finals again, but as soon as Jon Lilygreen and his incredibly international band came on stage, we were quick to rally in their corner. Jon is actually Welsh but members of the band come from all over, including Norway, Scotland, Wales and England.

Ivi Adamou “La La Love” (2012)

This electro-pop hit incorporated some wacky props, though Ivi and her team delivered an impeccable dance routine and awesome song. Ivi got her start through the X Factor and afterwards, she secured a record deal with Sony. Since then (and Eurovision) she has been active in the music and musical scene, performing in the Greek interpretation of “Jesus Christ Superstar”

John Karayiannis “One Thing I Should Have Done” (2015)

Nothing should be changed about this performance: It was heartfelt, beautiful, soft, tender and just so absolutely romantic. John made the world swoon and believe that somehow, he’d actually show up and be there.

Minus One “Alter Ego” (2016)

This is one of the edgiest and hardcore songs we’ve heard at the ESC. Minus One started out as a cover band, but they quickly grew a fanbase who appreciated their rock'n'roll swagger, which was evident by their passing through the Semi-Final.

Hovig “Gravity” (2017)

It may not be fresh in your mind anymore, but Hovig’s “Gravity” is worth remembering. With a pop-rock approach comparable to the likes of Adam Levine, Hovig infuses some edgier electronic infusion that makes his music that much more remarkable.

Eleni Foureira “Fuego” (2018)

We still can’t believe it’s over… but we’re not that surprised Eleni did as well as she did. Musically, her song had a similar fusion of pop, electronic and folk we heard before with Hovig and Constantinos. Everyone can enjoy this super fun song, and it should be played on blast at every beach party all summer long.

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