Celebrate Croatia

April 30, 2018

Celebrate Croatia

We’re super excited to see the “Crazy” Franka represent Croatia at the ESC in just two weeks…

…But before we get to celebrate her, we might as well look back and give a big shout out to our favorite Croatian contestants.

Boris Novkovic feat. Lado members “Vukovi Umiru Sami” (2005)

This deceptively festive performance might distract you from the title, which translates to “Wolves die alone” and encapsulates Boris’s heartbreak after a bad break up. The very traditional Balkan Ballad has many points where you are suddenly overcome with a desire to stand with a pitcher in hand as you belt the words out and sing along, even if you’re not sure what it is you’re saying.

Severina "Moja štikla" (2006)

Severina drew those folksy vibes into the following year, though there’s no way “My High-Heel” has some deep dark meaning to it. The performance was way too upbeat and awesome, and the choreography and unique instrumentals made this song especially likable. Not to mention, Severina’s smile is so contagious, people were probably mirroring it from the back row.

Kraljevi Ulice & 75 Cents “Romanca” (2008)

These distinguished gentlemen got Croatia to the Grand Final with their beautiful tango-esque melody that again, carried over the local vibes that the rest of the world seems to respond so well too. Their liveliness keeps up the energy that our last artists sort of started, which is kind of unexpected considering how odd Kraljevi and 75 are as a pair.

Igor Cukrov & Andrea “Lijepa Tena” (2009)

Okay, admit it, you didn’t think Croatia could be so sultry until Igor made us wish we could be “Beautiful Tena”. He blew us away harder than the fan he had set up to be blowing through his hair. And while the camera may have been focused on Igor, make sure you don’t miss the brilliant frontwoman Andrea who snuck onto the stage for the final duet.

Daria “Celebrate” (2011)

Prior to this performance, the last time a representative from Croatia sang exclusively in English was five years earlier. Much more often are the songs done in Croatian, sometimes in both English and Croatian, but Daria’s performance in 2011 stands out for breaking the streak by performing “Celebrate” in English. The on-stage magic tricks and crazy costume changes were also definitely worth celebrating.

Nina Kraljić “Lighthouse” (2016)

After a few failures to move onto the Grand Final, Croatia took a year off and then returned with a winner. “Lighthouse” had dreamy tones from Nina’s very soothing and soft singing voice, but was very obviously an energetic pop song once fused with the audio track. Her video is super cool too, and it features a more metaphorical interpretation of a lighthouse.

Jacques Houdek “My Friend” (2017)

Most recently, we saw Jacques spread his seeds of positivity and friendship to the world, using the Eurovision stage as his platform. The coolest thing about his performance was its duality between another very pop-inspired singing voice, but also Jacques’s ability to sing operatically. He switched between two styles of singing without any apparent effort.

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