Armenia Keeps Staying Awesome

April 21, 2018

Armenia Keeps Staying Awesome

Every song may be different, but Armenia’s artists seem to have been attempting to one-up each other in terms of lyrical ability, the song’s delivery, and the story behind it. Because each is so unique and the music that is woven in with the artist’s story is just as different, every year we’re treated to an artist whose intuitive understanding of the stage keeps Armenia in the higher ranks.

André “Without Your Love” (2006)

In Armenia’s first year at the ESC, their representation came in the form of André’s fusion of pop and something that seems a lot like something a snake-charmer might play to draw a crowd. The song certainly had a hypnotic effect on the audience, who loved the energy.

Hayko “Anytime You Need” (2007)

Armenia continued their commitment to romantic ballads by having Hayko perform for them. His dramatic and truly emotional music and song are self-composed, and that speaks to the high caliber of this contestant’s work. He ended up placing in the top ten and earned recognition for his flare of music.

Sirusho “Qele, Qele” (2008)

“Qlele” translates to “Come on” so obviously, Sirusho was hoping to grab our hands and drag us out onto the dance floor. Ultimately, this tune earned over a million views and a huge fanbase that helped the song place very high in the grand final.

Inga & Anush “Jan Jan” (2009)

Like all of its preceding entries “Jan Jan” has a unique style that was capable of compelling even the most conservative of ESC fans to enjoying a song in a genre that may be outside of their usual comfort zone.

Eva Rivas “Apricot Stone 2010

We may have no clue what’s going on with that peach dress, but the music sounds wonderful, the lyrics paint a beautiful story for the listeners, and the choreography, which is often part of what ESC fans love most about the show, makes this performance even more fun and special.

Emy “Boom Boom” (2011)

While it may have followed a similar message and approach as the preceding songs, “Boom Boom” has a vibrancy that is totally unlike any other one of Armenia’s choices.

Dorians “Lonely Planet” (2013)

This one had some totally unexpected vibes considering Armenia’s apparent commitment to pop style singers. This song is more like a rock ballad, and rather than push a story about love or loss, this song is about looking at the positives and appreciating life without letting the negatives impact us.

Aram MP3 ”Not Alone” (2014)

Aram MP3 keeps things interesting with his extremely serious, soothing and serene ballad that continues to exemplify how Armenia’s artists are so variable and multitalented.

Genealogy “Face the shadow” (2015)

Another tune that sticks to the most classic of emotions: Love. In Genealogy, the entire singing group takes an opportunity showcase their singing voices while sharing a romantic story about love overcoming obstacles.

Artsvik “Fly With Me” (2017)

For sure the most unique of each of Armenia’s selections, Artsvik’s chill beat riled up the crowd and roused them to dance by incorporating a simple but creative beat that was paired with Artsvik’s unmatched and absolutely beautiful singing voice.

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