And the winner is in…

May 14, 2018

And the winner is in…

After a high stress voting block, we were all super stoked to hear that Netta had won 🙌

Interestingly, it’s been exactly a decade since Dana International sang “Diva” and won the Eurovision Song Contest for Israel.

It seems fitting that Netta followed in Dana’s footsteps, especially since her song “Toy” was such a huge hit since the get-go. But notice that while her music video started with an impressive 6.5 million views, she’s made it to 36 since then.

Netta was favorite of fans and jury and scored highly with both. Her wholly unique approach to music were all huge contributors to her success, but it was her energy, positivity and radiant personality that really made us love her.

We’re can’t wait to hear what she does next, and we’re even more excited to be going to Israel next year.

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