All About Albania

December 28, 2017

All About Albania

We’re all excited for next year’s representative, Gent Bushpepa. His performance of “Mall” will mark Albania’s fourteenth entry since debuting in 2004. In that time, the music these artists have shared has been eclectic, unexpected and awesome, ranging in musical styles that embraces their culture, the values of Eurovision and modern musical genres.

Luiz Ejilli “Zjarr e ftohtë” (2006)

He’ll sweep you off your feet with this romantic ballad, that 90s gelled hair and his white tux.

Frederik Ndoci “Hear My Plea” (2007)

Elegant and dramatic, “Hear My Plea” was a phenomenal songs with a huge focus on Frederik’s operatic voice and how well it pairs with the violin.

Olta Boka “Zemrën e lamë peng” (2008)

As one of Albania’s strongest vocalists, Olta’s performance was breathtaking and earned her a place in the Grand Final.

Kejsi Tola “Carry Me in Your Dreams” (2009)

Look past the blue-man group wannabe, and lose yourself to Kejsi’s powerful singing.

Juliana Pasha “It’s All About You” (2010)

While Juliana is a great singer, the electric guitar solos just steal the show.

Aurela Gaçe “Feel the Passion” (2011)

Aurela was an edgy angel who matched her rockstar voice with her ethereal stage presence.

Rona Nishliu “Suus” (2012)

Rona earned the highest place Albania ever had and honestly, has probably one of the greatest vocal ranges we’ve ever seen at the ESC.

Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar Sejko “Identitet” (2013)

This fusion between folk and rock was sure to include the best elements of both genres, and threw in a dash of pyrotechnics just for fun.

Hersi Matmuja “One Night’s Anger” (2014)

Hersi’s song was reminiscent of a motivational, early 2000s pop rock chart topper. Try playing this masterpiece the next time you need to pump yourself up to do anything.

Elhaida Dani “I’m Alive” (2015)

Elhaida will make you feel alive and apart of the ESC community with her easy going and beautiful ballad.

Eneda Tarifa “Fairytale” (2016)

Eneda’s dreamy voice transports you into your own epic realm where you can just enjoy the music.

Lindita “World” (2017)

“World” wholly embodied the values Eurovision embraces in it’s testament to inclusion and peace.

Albania has experimented with many different genres in the past, which has been your favorite?

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