A Party for Everybody: Russia Will Be Back for ESC 2018

October 29, 2017

A Party for Everybody: Russia Will Be Back for ESC 2018

Russia is confirmed for 2018 Eurovision in Lisbon. While their performer has yet to be selected, many speculate that Yulia Samoilova will pick up where she left off and sing in the 63rd edition of the ESC.

Since their start in 1994, Russia has ranked pretty high, and in 2008 Dima Bilan won with “Believe”. Russia had a streak of memorable artists (including the unforgettable Buranovskiye Babushki) and after Dima’s win, Russia made it to the Grand Final every year, until 2017, of course.

As we all know, Yulia was unable to perform in Kiev this part edition, but the European Broadcast Union (EBU) upheld their contact with the Russian broadcaster Channel One. "We are therefore in an open dialogue with the Russians and I am sure they are competing again next year,” ESC executive supervisor Jon Ola Sand said about Russia’s participation in 2018. If we do get to see Yulia in Lisbon, it would mean realized dreams for her many fans and of course, for Yulia.

Yulia Samoilova, who began her career for the Russian X Factor, performed several shows, including one at the 2014 Winter Paralympics. She is an incredible vocalist, and although we’re still waiting on confirmation regarding her ESC 2018 involvement, we’ll all keep our fingers crossed. She’s busy working on some new music, so we can trust that if she does get picked to perform, that she’ll be ready to conquer Lisbon and continue Russia’s Grand Final streak.

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